Did anything change?

Weather Data is Basic Need

As long as one spends any time outside knowing what weather is coming your way is a basic need.

The way existing apps and websites talk about weather is structured by the needs that were important 70 years ago.

Weather forecasts, apps & news coverage are still relevant in many situations and locations, but starting from scratch and reinventing the approaches might be reasonable each decade.

We are here to build the weather service for the 21st century.

2 iPhones showing the iOS app interface

We Are Building

Weather service that puts current data in climate context

Why We

We have built several top 10 weather apps as part of a bigger company, doing it again independently

Why Now?

Really, have you seen the news lately?

Not just a weather app for iOS

One more thing. Or more.

There might be more apps and web services brewing.

Sometimes to tell a bigger story about the weather and climate answers to these questions might also help:

Weather & Climate Tracker, PickPic, Been & Done apps on different iPhones