Weather and Climate Tracker

Fresh and Accessible iOS App

  • Climate summary for the last 100+ years, as you have seen with the #ShowYourStripes tag elsewhere
  • Wet Bulb Globe Temperature data 
  • Worldwide Precipitation Maps 
  • Weather Alerts and Statements 
  • Moonrise, Moonset and Moon Phases 
  • Blue & Golden Hour stages for those who are into photography and videography
  • UV Index
  • All the above is displayed brighter and easier to read than any other app we are aware of 

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Users say:

It’s a good solid app with all the bells and whistles. The free version is good and I’m sure the paid version is just as excellent. - risaacson from United Sates

משתמשים אומרים:

אפליקציה מעולה נותנת דו״ח אמיתי בזמן אמת - nachmantsorani, Israel

Gli utenti dicono:

Quando farete la versione compatibile con Apple Watch? Per il resto top funziona molto bene. - Lukearts94, Italia

For those who care about the details

Let's Get Technical

  • Widgets for Home Screen (iOS 14+), Lock Screen (iOS 16+ / iPad OS 17+), StandBy (iOS 17+) and Notification Center (iOS 13+)
  • Live Activity with weather highlights
  • Siri Shortcut with weather forecast
  • Notification Center Widget option for iOS 13 devices and people who still like these classic widgets better
  • Actual control over measurement units, no more km/h winds when you understand m/s 
  • Available in English, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian