Weather and Climate Tracker

Fresh and Accessible iOS App

  • Climate summary for the last 100+ years, as you have seen with the #ShowYourStripes tag elsewhere
  • Wet Bulb Globe Temperature data 
  • Worldwide Precipitation Maps 
  • Weather Alerts and Statements 
  • Moonrise, Moonset and Moon Phases 
  • Blue & Golden Hour stages for those who into photography and videography
  • UV Index
  • All the above is displayed brighter and easier to read than any other app we are aware of 

Ready to download?

For those who care about the details

Let's Get Technical

  • Widgets for Home Screen (iOS 14+), Lock Screen (iOS 16+ / iPad OS 17+), StandBy (iOS 17+) and Notification Center (iOS 13+)
  • Live Activity with weather highlights
  • Siri Shortcut with weather forecast
  • Notification Center Widget option for iOS 13 devices and people who still like these classic widgets better
  • Actual control over measurement units, no more km/h winds when you understand m/s 
  • Available in English, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian