Privacy friendly location history

Been & Done

Do you really remember where have you been or when have you been to a certain place? When was that Paris trip, in 2019 or in 2015? Did you leave your neighbourhood at all this year? 

This app might have an answer to some of these questions, and many more. 

You can also: 

  • Keep a record of the places they've visited and the experiences they've had
  • Plan future trips and refer back to past trips for inspiration
  • Track your progress in seeing the world and recall the places they've visited
  • Record memories and experiences in a more organised and accessible way
  • Track your location history without compromising your privacy 

Or may be: 

  • Share your travels and whereabouts with friends and family, or on social media

Count easily

How long have you been to each country?

Several widgets that help you to check different timeframes at a glance

Users say:

Useful, 5 stars. App is very convenient, thank you developer! -- by Ntphucs from Vietnam